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Scott A. Hill, Theoretical Physicist and Educator
Assistant Professor of Physics, Adrian College
Current research is in complex networks


1993-1997 B.A. in Physics and Mathematics with William Wootters, Williams College
1997-2002 Ph.D. in Physics with Gene Mazenko, University of Chicago
2003-2005 Post-doc in Physics with Jorge José, Northeastern University


Adrian College
Assistant Professor of Physics
University of Toledo
Part-Time Faculty in Physics (2012-2016)
Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics (2009-2012)
Owens College
Adjunct Instructor
University of Dallas
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physics
Southern Methodist University
Adjunct Professor of Physics
Eastfield College
Adjunct Professor of Physics
Fall 2005
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
Spring 2005
Rhode Island College
Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
Summer 2004
Northeastern University


2019 Scott A. Hill. In progress
A nonasymptotic measure for characterizing heavy-tailed networks
2010 Scott A. Hill and Dan Braha. Physical Review E 82: 046105
Dynamic model of time-dependent complex networks.
2007 Scott A. Hill. arXiv:0709.0078 [physics.soc-ph]
Holding strategies in a bus-route model.
2006 Daniel P. Knudsen, John T. Arsenault, Scott A. Hill, Donald M. O'Malley, and Jorge V. José. Neurocomputing 69: 1169-1174.
Locomotive network modeling based on identified neurons in zebrafish.
2005 Scott A. Hill, Melissa A. Borla, Jorge V. José, and Donald M. O'Malley. Neurocomputing 65-66: 61-68.
Neurokinematic modeling of complex swimming patterns of the larval zebrafish.
2005 Scott A. Hill. Physica A 328: 61-68.
Numerical analysis of a time-headway bus route model.
2003 Scott A. Hill and Gene F. Mazenko. Physical Review E 67: 061302.
Granular clustering in a hydrodynamic simulation.
2001 Scott A. Hill and Gene F. Mazenko. Physical Review E 63: 031303.
Nonlinear hydrodynamical approach to granular materials.
1997 Scott Hill and William K. Wootters Physical Review Letters 78: 5022.
Entanglement of a pair of quantum bits.

Recent Presentations

June 21-23, 2017 Scott A. Hill. Presented at NetSci 2017, Indianapolis IN
Dynamic centrality in random subnetworks.
October 2016 Scott A. Hill. Presented at the Ohio Section Meeting of the APS, Bowling Green, OH
Dynamic centrality in random subnetworks.